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First off, we would like to send our deepest appreciation for you all, for investing in your daughters passion for softball, her drive to be the best version of herself, and her work ethic. This is a team environment where we can help your daughter grow to become the best version she is striving to be on & off the field. We are so blessed that you have trusted us with your daughters success, to help her grow not only as an athlete, but a confident young female as well. 

MSI has been growing and evolving since coach Alli first started MSI in 2015. By the grace of God, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with so many athletes & seen them grow physically and mentally. We have you all to thank for that as well. We couldn’t be more humbled and full of gratitude for all the time we’ve spent with all the athletes through lessons, camps, clinics, events, conventions and so much more. Over the last 3 months, Coach Alli hired a business professional to completely re-transform MSI, in order to keep offering the latest & greatest techniques/mechanics to your athlete(s). During the first couple of months of the new 2023 year, we will be launching many great additions within MSI for your athlete, and we are beyond excited to see all the amazing talent take part in these opportunities. 

As we evolve, grow & become better coaches for your athletes, to give them the best knowledgable experience as possible, changes are in order. These are the good changes that still allow your athlete to reach her goals, through our continued education, certifications, experiences, training, and level of expertise.

Starting January 1, 2023 we have a handful of changes that will take effect. Prices, scheduling, cancellation / no show policy, payment options, location & added services on the website. Here are the changes:

Pricing / lessons:

Coach Alli
30 min private = $65
1 hour private = $95
1 hour group = $50 ea

Coach Ashlyn
30 min private = $50
1 hour private = $75
1 hour split = $40 ea

Coach Elantra
30 min private = $50
45 min private = $70
1 hour private = $100

Coach Shannon
30 min private = $50
1 hour private = $90
1 hour group = $50 ea

Coach Sydney
30 min private = $50 / 30 min split = $40 ea
1 hour private = $90
1 hour group = $50 ea

** Disclaimer : price increase is simply due to instruction value, certifications / qualifications, resume additions & professional knowledge. We cannot ask our clients to get better, if we do not get better as coaches. We all learn from the top instructors / Coaches in the game across the world, gain certifications, new degrees, partnerships, etc. to bring your athlete the top training in the game, currently. Pricing, should respectfully match the quality of material being taught, from experienced, professional coaching.  


Will all be online through a booking app ( coach Alli only - all other instructors will schedule as normal). You will be getting a video tutorial from coach Alli, on the ins and outs of the booking system. You will have to pay at time of booking. The platform does not allow for you to book and pay later unless you are paying cash, which cash payments need to be made before the start of your athletes lesson. No Exception. We have added a 48 hr response policy. Once an instructor has initiated the first communication line of scheduling your athlete on their schedule, you have 48 hours to respond. Anything after 48 hours, will cause your slot to be skipped, and given to the next client waiting to schedule. This is simply due to respect of time on behalf of our schedules, respect of opportunities for other athletes, and solidity of schedules. We have to reserve our space for lessons in advance, prior to showing up, as we do not own the facility. 

Parent responsibility:

We ask that all parents jump on board in this process of helping your athlete with their homework given from their instructors. Hold them more accountable in being more diligent with their work ethic, communicating with the athlete & instructor, keeping a log of all practices, recording lessons for at home use, etc. As their instructors, we cannot do our job, that you sought out from us, if they are not putting in the adequate work in at home 3-5 days a week to get better. Showing up to lessons 1x a week for 30 min - 1 hr, will cause reverse progression, causing the instructor to constantly “fix” your athlete while not getting better. If the athlete is in a group lesson, please understand that it’ll 100% affect the other girl(s) as well. 

We also ask that you please arrive to lessons at least 10-15 min early for proper warmup for you athlete to decrease the chances of injury. Each instructor has a proper warmup for their athlete to complete before the start of the lesson. If the athlete is late, it not only cuts the amount of instruction taught down for that lesson, but it impacts the lesson as a whole, having to stop the progression of the lesson, to re explain what your athlete has missed. ** ( We do understand that some do not have time, transportation wise from point A to point B, so please make sure you book accordingly with your athletes instructor).

Cancellation / No show :

After 3 cancellations/ 2 no shows, you will not be able to stay on the schedule as a current client. This is strictly to maintain progression in the athletes performance, respect of our time and misuse of opportunity. We hold a wait list year around with clients that are extremely eager to get on our schedule to train with us, and we want to make sure we honor everyones possible opportunities. You will still be charged for cancelling or a no show. If you book & pay in advance for 2 months, you are allowed 1 free cancellation.

** Disclaimer: If there is a special circumstance that needs to be addressed in regards to the cancellation / no show policy please contact coach Alli if you are already her current client. If you are either Elantra, Sydney, Shannon or Ashlyns clients, please address with them personally, and they will discuss with Coach Alli 

Payment Options: 

Coach Alli’s clients only : All payments will now be online at time of booking. You can pay cash at their lessons, however, cash needs to be given before lesson begins, to secure spot. Acceptable payments online will be Venmo, PayPal, or credit card. If choosing a credit card, a $2 processing fee will be added to the transaction (this is charged by the website & not by MSI). ** forms of payment may be subject to change. Will know closer to time of online booking.


Coach Alli’s lessons will be held at two (2) separate locations. If she hasn’t already reached out to see which location is closer in proximity to the athletes home/school, please make sure to send her a message, so you can make sure to book your athletes’ lessons at the correct location. All other instructors will conduct lessons still at our current location. 

If you are scheduled for lessons at the New Town Road location, you will need to make sure to sign the form associated with this location. This is a private property residence. We ask, in respect to the home owners property, that we conduct ourselves/children in an appropriate manner. If you need to stay during your Childs lesson, and you have another child/children with you, please either have them stay in the car, or sit inside. No one is to be roaming the home owners property, screaming/yelling, loud phone conversations, erratic driving, etc. Failure to abide by these rules, will result in loss of access to this facility for your child, or we will simply ask you stay in your vehicle until the conclusion of your athletes lesson. 

New Website Services : 

  • Nutrition
  • Pitching terms / The Why’s
  • Academy
  • Courses
  • Apparel Store 

** Disclaimer : Not all will be added at once. We will always do a “Launch” on our social media’s before any new services are added to our website/ program. 

At the end of each lesson, starting in 2023, Coach Alli, will be praying with the group of athletes, before she sends them home. There will be a form for you to sign to either allow your athlete to join, or respectfully step aside until the prayer is over. 


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